hosting packages

All hosting packages from Small Business Websites include your choice of .uk domain name.

The size and features of the each package can be upgraded as required.

New accounts must be paid yearly in advance, after which, you can choose to pay monthly if you wish (except for Domain Name Only packages). Different hosting packages are priced as follows:

Main prices are for the UK domains (,, and
Bracketed prices are for all other domains (.com, .org, .net, .info and .biz)

Package size monthly payment yearly payment Bandwidth/month
20MB 10.00 (11.00) 100.00 (110.00) 1GB
100MB 15.00 (16.00) 150.00 (160.00) 2GB
200MB 20.00 (21.00) 200.00 (210.00) 5GB
400MB 30.00 (31.00) 300.00 (310.00) 10GB
Domain Name Only n/a 10.00 (20.00) n/a

We can also tailor a package to suit you by adding:

If you require more details or have any specific requests please contact us.